AEGEE is the biggest interdisciplinary student organisation with more than 200 locals

in university cities.

Every AEGEE local organize events for other local members to join. If you become a

member of an AEGEE local you can learn all about other locals. There are plenty of

activities as summer and winter universities, conferances about all possible topics,

thematical events, local vacations, environmental, public relations, advertising,

politics, human rights, telecommunication and many courses.

More than 300 events are organized every year. You can check out! These activites are all organized by students and also for

students and creats AEGEE spirit.

AEGEE is not a travel agency. Students organize events purposing to improve

European awareness, breaking prejudices, provide young people to visit Europe and

taking place in the Future of Europe. Over 15000 students organize all these


AEGEE is a student union, independent, non-profit and non-politic organization. Has

no connections with EU. There isn’t any national structuring to remove borders in

Future Europe. All locals connected to AEGEE-Europe.

ps: To become a member being between age of 18-35, university student, graduated

or academic personal and to become a member of AEGEE-Eskisehir visiting Anadolu

Üniversitesi Öğrenci Merkezi are required.

History of AEGEE

Operation Principles

AEGEE never supports any political opinion but there are aims at society and desirable Europe which


To create Europe by overcoming obstacles, hostility, subsequent borders and assumed diversities.

To work for definition and understanding of European culture and civilizations and popularize

European consciousness among teenagers.

To Synthesise European upper identity through respect regional specialities and cultural differences.

To work for more practicable usage of freedom, democracy, human rights, tolerance and rule of law.

To spread education as fundamental right.

While shaping Europe’s today and future to know, support all cultures inside and besides Europe.

To achieve peace by supporting creativty and improvement, protecting environment and making 

effort on helping deprived nations

Research İnterests

AEGEE, assign focus points in strategic plan every 3 years and works suitable with

these focus points. According to strategic plan 2014-2017 focus points are:

European Citizenship

Rights Equality

Youth Employment

Civil Education


AEGEE's Main Field of Study:

Cultural Exchanges

Personal Development

Thematic Procts



AEGEE organizes many international and local events in these working fields.

Conferences, symposiums and seminars:

AEGEE organises conferances, symposiums and seminars about environment,

education, international relations, human rights, culture, economics, law, science etc.


AEGEE determines Project subjects and works on them. These works will be

publicised through conferances, symposiums, field researchs and publications.

Lobbying Activities:

AEGEE as a NGO is doing lobby activities to mold public opinion and inform decision

makers as being representative of European youth.

Summer University

Through these summertime and mostly 15-day events, getting youth together with

different culture, different mother tongue, different perspective and getting to know

languages or cultures are aimed.


These events are organised to research that contains a district and human living

through events, interviews, questionnaire.

Comite Directeur: 


Board of AEGEE-Europe (CD) located in Brussels. CD, that to be elected in general

assambly for a year and make work distribution after elections, are consist of 7

members with at most 3 members from same country and at least 4 different nations.



Comissions that working as supporter to CD, separated to different fields and

supervise or support in this fields. Member Commision, Audit Comission and Network

Comission are major comisions.


Working Groups: 


Working groups can be organised both local and Europe wide. They prepare

thematic base and work for creating ideas, starting debates and doing research.

Working groups are represented by spokesman in Europe and by coordinator in


European Planning Meeting: 


In spring time 2 months before AEGEE general assambly, this meetings are

organised to be a preparation to general assambly. Representetives from locals,

working and Project groups, do workshops about the suggestions and any presented

subjects to general assambly.



These local units are organised as city based and are the smallest structure of

AEGEE. These local units works freely within the basic principals of AEGEE. With

this structure, antennas have the possibility to work in a creative and dynamic way.

All antennas organise at least one international event besides their local events.




Agora, the general assambly of AEGEE, organised two times per year. Future of

AEGE is discussed with aproximately 1000 members and decisions are also made

concerning the future of AEGEE. Action agenda is discussed and new projects are



Project Team


Coordinates wide projects of AEGEE and Europe wide Works. These projects contain conferance

series and other activities about several subjects. These teams consist of different local’s members.


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