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We made the twinning adventure official which had been countinuing since Spring Agora Krakow by signin the twinning contract. When we went to stage with AEGEE-Düsseldorf for signing the contract, we wore the tshirts made for twinning "If You Wanna Win, Then Twin". Also, we shouted "Es Es Ki Ki Es Ki Eskidorf". We as AEGEE-Eskişehir said "Ich liebe meinen Zwilling!" which means "I love my twin". AEGEE-Düsseldorf also said "Twinimi seviyorum" which means "Twinimi seviyorum" in Turkish. After signing the contract, we hugged each other and shouted "Es Es Ki Ki Es Ki Eskidorf". We thank to the ones who helped us for being twin with AEGEE-Düsseldorf


Ich liebe meinen Zwilling!



12.11.2018 21:49:02


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